Monday, June 4, 2018

NEW post on time for 4th grade #14

NEW game! check it out! it will help you studey and practice the time!
it is number 14 for Grade 4.

Sra. R

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

new post for grade 3

There are 2 new posts to practice and review and play!
grade 3, section #12 & #13. Flash cards and Quizlet actividades!

Have fun!!!

Friday, May 18, 2018


Pre K
 is doing a great job singing along and dancing their way through spanish class! they sing and dance to the Cocodrilo song and the colors song and the counting 1-10 and counting backwards! along with those videos they sing another song that is about heads, shoulders, knees and toes!!! they are spectacular!

dances to the months of the year doing a macarena dance!
they count as high as 25 and know their colors! they count heads, eyes, legs, hands and even noses! it's a lot of fun! I'm very impressed with how great they do!

1st grade
we have worked on our colors and counting, shapes, and the family members along with the house and the rooms in the house! Its so much fun to see them playing online games and they work in groups and help each other out! They were reading cards, that said "where is mom?" and "where is grandpa?" and the answer cards would say " working" "I don't know.." or "in the house" They are just an amazing bunch!

2nd grade
Wow! they know their body parts! and what fruits they like and don't like! and they know a few of the animals, and which are pets, which are in the wild and which are on the farm! They are remarkable!

3rd grade
I'm totally excited at how far they've come! Not surprised, because they are so bright!, EXCITED!
they can tell you the classroom objects and what they need or what they have. They can tell you :my name is..." in spanish, along with where they live, how old they are, How they are and how they feel!

4th grade
They have been busy bees!  Counting and learning the time, telling you what they are wearing, what electronics they use (for example: the cell phone, the microwave, the computer, the vacuum..) the date.... and my all time favorite..they can tell you their phone number!!!!

5th grade
they are fabulous! they can also tell you their phone numbers and what is their favorite subject in school, what they like to eat, what they LOVE to eat and what they like to do and love to do or even what they do not like to eat or do.
Image result for i love spanish

Keep up the good work every one!!!
 Sra. R.

NEW Game!!! La Casa

I posted a NEW game for first grade and any other grade that would like to play!
It is under the tab games K, 1, 2, 3
 and under First grade category, it is number 15.
play away and have fun!
La Casa!

Sra. R.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Presentations done!

So happy everyone did a nice job on presentations! Learning about other countries is always so exciting!  We will learn where these countries are located! If you want a head start feel free to go to my blog and play Spanish speaking countries for game on the video/games tab! Remember practice always makes perfect!
Practice the Pledge, date and saying my name is......
See you Wednesday!
Sra R.

Happy New Year!

feliz Año nuevo

2018 wishing all good things for everyone!

Cycle 2  for 6th grade, is almost coming to an end. We are learning about Spanish speaking countries and where they are located and will go over the sounds of the vowels in Spanish to end our cycle.

Grade 4- I’m so proud of how they have memorized their phone numbers in Spanish! And are working on learning to tell time in Spanish!

Grade 3- they can tell you their mood and show old they are and where they live, ALL IN SPANISH!! How cool is that?!?!?!

Grade 2- they can tell you what fruit they like to eat or what animal they like or DO NOT LIKE!
Grade 1- we are working on our colors and shapes and doing it with pizazz and fun!

Kindergarten is a just a mess of fun with counting and colors and even some dancing!

Pre-K- we baila baila baila to the song of el cocodrilo!

Always practice with the games or songs on my blog!
Oh and all 6graders can Pledge to the Flag in Spanish! Because they are just so cool like that!!!

So proud!!!!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Grade 4!

Hola, on the grade 4,5,6 tab I posted under grade 4 a new clock to help you tell time in spanish. it is #18. try it. it will be fun!

Sra. R