Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Presentations done!

So happy everyone did a nice job on presentations! Learning about other countries is always so exciting!  We will learn where these countries are located! If you want a head start feel free to go to my blog and play Spanish speaking countries for game on the video/games tab! Remember practice always makes perfect!
Practice the Pledge, date and saying my name is......
See you Wednesday!
Sra R.

Happy New Year!

feliz Año nuevo

2018 wishing all good things for everyone!

Cycle 2  for 6th grade, is almost coming to an end. We are learning about Spanish speaking countries and where they are located and will go over the sounds of the vowels in Spanish to end our cycle.

Grade 4- I’m so proud of how they have memorized their phone numbers in Spanish! And are working on learning to tell time in Spanish!

Grade 3- they can tell you their mood and show old they are and where they live, ALL IN SPANISH!! How cool is that?!?!?!

Grade 2- they can tell you what fruit they like to eat or what animal they like or DO NOT LIKE!
Grade 1- we are working on our colors and shapes and doing it with pizazz and fun!

Kindergarten is a just a mess of fun with counting and colors and even some dancing!

Pre-K- we baila baila baila to the song of el cocodrilo!

Always practice with the games or songs on my blog!
Oh and all 6graders can Pledge to the Flag in Spanish! Because they are just so cool like that!!!

So proud!!!!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Grade 4!

Hola, on the grade 4,5,6 tab I posted under grade 4 a new clock to help you tell time in spanish. it is #18. try it. it will be fun!

Sra. R

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Coco the movie

I’m super excited to see COCO the movie tomorrow at AMC 8 Deptford movie theater.
My seat is G3... 4 o’clock show! See you tomorrow!

Sra. R

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Coco movie November 22, 2017

Hola amigos!
So many students have been telling me about the new movie coming out Titled Coco. I figured, since a lot of the students are excited about, I’ll go see it! So, I will make it to the AMC 8 DEPTFORD Theater November 22, 2017 for the 4 o’clock show! Come with family! Come with friends! I’ll be there with my popcorn! 🍿 here is the movie trailer link.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Welcome 6_D,
cant wait to see you! heads up! you'll be learning the date and the Pledge!
colors review too!

see you then, and check out the games tab and the video tab.

Sra. R

grade 2, NEW Quizlet Live game!

2nd graders can practice their fruits on Quizlet "las Frutas" check it out and have fun!
Sra. R.